In Nigeria, a whole new film industry has developed during the early 90ies. Since then, the so called "home movie industry" not only became the second largest employer in Nigeria, but rose to immense popularity throughout Africa. By now, some 1400 films are produced each year, which makes Nollywood the biggest film industry in the world according to mere statistics. The Nigerian Home Movies are made almost exclusively for the African market on very low budgets compared to Western standards. The films have little in common with traditional African cinema, that throughout the continent is on decline. Since barely 110 movie theatres are still operating in Africa, the Nollywood pioneers never considered celluloidproduction an option. In Nigeria, most of the old cinemas were transformed into churches after the civil war. Nonetheless, like elsewhere in the world, Nigerians are hungry for films they can relate to rather than to cheaply sold TV-products from the US or Far Eastern countries, which still flood African TV screens. It was this demand for local content, familiar sceneries and role models of similiar cultural bakkground, which kicked off a huge avalange of production almost immediately after the end of military dictatorship.

Peace mission

is a guided tour through Nollywood, featuring Peace Aniyam-Fiberesima as main protagonist. The founder and CEO of the African Movie Academy takes the audience to film locations, markets and celebrity hang-outs in the vibrant production hub Lagos and meets key personalities of the Nigerian film business along the way: stars, directors, producers, marketers. Versatile and full of energy, they all share the vision of making Nollywood the long sought after platform of re-telling Africa's history from an African point of view.
Nollywood is a discovery to be made for Western audiences, who got stuck in a perception of Africa as a continent of dependency. Since this fact is also a result of Western media perception of Africa, "Peace Mission" presents fresh media images, eager to start a new chapter of relationship with each other.